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Our Team

Rabbi and Co-Director

Rabbi Zalman is your approachable Rabbi. An avid Bronco's fan, master chef (wait till you taste his famous potato kugel) and proud Denverite, Rabbi Zalman has been serving the Denver community since 2008. With a rich Rabbinic education accrued in programs across the world including South Africa, France, Germany, England & Australia, Rabbi Zalman loves delving deep and discussing the big questions of life. He asks you to share his vision of a vibrant, connected Jewish community by getting in touch and getting involved.

Connect with Zalman

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Rebbetzin and Co-Director


Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Rivka Leah is passionate about Jewish education and outreach. She wears a host of hats including that of a pediatric Occupational Therapist, Singer/Songwriter, music educator, children's entertainer and avid student of life. Wife and mother to Frieda and Isaac, Rivka Leah enjoys spending time with family and friends and loves making her delicious Challah dough with women Thursday nights.

Connect with Rivka Leah

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