Friday Night 

Shabbat dinner

We are here with open doors to you every week

Scrumptious food, for both body and soul, inspirational song, meaningful insights, and the best company in town - brought to your home for now. 

In The City Lunch 'n' Learn


Take a refreshing break from the city rush and treat your mind and soul to a deep dive into Talmudic thought. 

YJP Events 

June 27th Park games & BBQ

We invite you to connect with a warm, friendly and vibrant community of Young Jewish Professionals. With monthly games nights, Friday night dinners, YJP parties and gatherings, there are connections to be made and good times to be had. Our in person events are on hold but join us online!  

Downtown Lunch 'n' Learn

Share a meaningful lunch hour with fellow professionals in the business district in preparation for an upcoming Jewish holiday. 

Get Well Soup 

Being unwell is never pleasant, but being thought of can make all the difference. Join friends in a monthly cook-off as we whip up mass batches of seasonal soups in addition to some good ol' Jewish Penicillin (aka: chicken soup). Have a good time while serving a good cause and let's make the world better one 'get-well soup' at a time.  

Community events

Jewish unity and pride are highlighted at our popular community events, some of the favorites being: Jewish Nights Out at the stadiums, Sukkah in the city, Chanukah lighting at the Capital and Men's Steak & Scotch. Click below on information regarding our next upcoming community event - A Jewish Night Out with the Rockies!



A meet for Parents + Tots with a sweet Torah twist. Together with your little one, explore a seasonal theme through song, dance, craft, sensory activities and interactive play. Now online. 

Kiddush Club


Join us each month for a Shabbat day service that includes uplifting, easy-to-follow prayers along with practical insights, craft beer and a decked out Kiddush. Now online, to resume in-person when appropriate.

YJP Q&A with Rabbi Zalman


Asking questions is the best way to learn. Here's a forum to field your burning Jewish-related questions and share animated discussion with like minded peers.